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28-Day Summer Slim Down

Child Trafficking

"Every 30 seconds a child is kidnapped or sold"

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Couple 4 x 6.png

         OUR CAUSE ... 

We have partnered with Prestige Labs and GymLaunch in an effort to raise awareness and funds to fight the fastest growing criminal industry around the world ... Child Trafficking.


This fundraiser is in support of OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (O.U.R.).  "Operation Underground Railroad’s (O.U.R.) mission is to shine a light worldwide on the global epidemic of child sex trafficking, and in so doing rescue more children from slavery and assist law enforcement to seek justice for those who violate children. While our focus remains on children, we assist survivors of all ages to bring them safety and healing. We place survivors on a path to recovery by partnering with vetted aftercare providers or by placing them with families."

We our passionate about supporting the mission of O.U.R., and have organized a special Members Only 28-Day Summer Slim Down Challenge.

Registration is open from June 22 - July 8, and runs from July 10 - August 6. 

To participate in the 28-Day Summer Slim Down Challenge and support our efforts in raising awareness and donations for the mission of O.U.R., members only need to purchase a supplement stack during the registration period.

Members participating in the 28-Day Summer Slim Down Challenge will receive:

  • Invite to a special workout for participants only

  • New summer recipes 

  • An invite to the end of challenge Luau Party for participants only plus one.

  • Top 3 Challengers receive CASH prizes

  • Additional accountability to stay on track and increase previous gains during summer

  • In total over $700 in value, plus a chance to win CASH and other prizes, while supporting an amazing cause.

How Donations work:

  • 15% of all proceeds from Supplement Sales will be donated to O.U.R from Prestige Labs.

  • GymLaunch will MATCH the funds raised from the supplement sales (i.e. 15% additional).

  • 15% of all new 6-week Challenger Tuitions during the challenge will be donated by      7-5-3 Academy to O.U.R.

So, the more individuals that purchase a supplement stack, the more we can donate and save the lives of children who are in real danger.

Join Us in this AWESOME cause of fighting Child Trafficking by participating in the 28-Day Summer Slim Down Challenge...


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