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7-5-3 Saber Academy.png
7-5-3 Saber Academy, Where YOU Can Learn Real Saber Combat From A More Civilized Age

Looking For a Way to Get Your Child Interested In Martial Arts?
(This Is How You Do It Without a Fight...)

The benefits of martial arts for children are well-established, but that doesn't mean your son or daughter is going to want to come to the dojo...

Unless you make martial arts too cool for school.

Every kid we've met who has seen a saber fight scene in a movie loves our 7-5-3 Saber Academy.

Imagine your child learning valuable life skills, like self-discipline, hand-eye coordination, and self-defense skills while pretending he or she is the hero in their favorite movie.​

We incorporate martial art disciplines of Kendo and Filipino Martial Arts into a fun and exciting learning experience.

Are You Ready to Join Forces
Learn the Way at 7-5-3 Saber Academy?

   It's more then just sword play...

Have You Heard of the Seven Warrior Virtues?

We follow a proven-path to becoming prepared, resilient, high-functioning human beings.

The 7-5-3 Code creates discipline, confidence, serenity, and an ability to deal with the situations that life throws at us.

Blending real saber arts of Kendo and Filipino Martial Arts with the 7-5-3 Code makes learning necessary life skills something your child will actively look forward to doing because it's fun and makes them feel like they are in the movies!

Getting Started Is Easy (Just Bring a Water Bottle)

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