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Mission Statement

We create the capability to deal with anything life may bring. We believe in life, success, and good health. We believe students that learn the 7-5-3 philosophy through self-defense training gain the perseverance to overcome any challenge in life, while strengthening the body, mind, and spirit. Our Academy is a supportive and inclusive environment, where we provide the Training For What Comes Next   . 

7-5-3 Academy is a disabled veteran owned small business, founded as a personal defense and safety consulting company for all ages and experience levels from the general public to law enforcement and military personnel.


7-5-3 Academy leverages 20 years of military intelligence and special operations experience combined with 30+ years of martial arts instructor experience to provide unique defensive and safety training programs.

We provide tailored defensive and safety training to prepare individuals to avoid potential conflicts when possible, and to defend themselves when needed.


Our code of ethics are incorporated into everything we do, and are grounded on the principles of Bushido; Gi (Integrity, Rectitude), Rei (Respect, Courtesy), Yu (Heroic Courage, bravery), Meiyo (Honor), Jin (Compassion), Makoto (Honesty and Sincerity), Chugi (Duty and Loyalty) and what is referred to as the 7-5-3 code from Jiu Jitsu.


Click here for more information on the Bushido Code and the 7-5-3 Code.



7-5-3 Academy LLC, is a subsidiary of Vitruvian Defensive Solutions LLC. The name of 7-5-3 Academy finds its roots based on the Bushido and 7-5-3 Codes.

7-5-3 Academy LLC was founded as a Fitness, Health and Martial Arts Academy with the focus on critical life skills of mental and physical resiliency, positive self-image, focus, self-control, stress management, and team work.

7-5-3 Academy does not provide firearms or other lethal weapon instruction; we provide martial arts and fitness training through of 7-5-3 Kickboxing and Karate programs.


7-5-3 Academy is a hosting location for Vitruvian Defensive Solutions LLC, a professional defensive and safety training company.

A Proportional Response

At the 7-5-3 Academy, we provide training that focuses on proportionality as related to personal defense and safety. To put it another way, matching our actions to what the situation requires.

7-5-3 Academy's personal defensive and safety courses go beyond a simple focus upon what is in front of you - our trainings account for your spatial relationship to your environment and they teach proportional responses to situational threats.


Our logo brings these together, namely our relationship to our environment and the other people in it. For information on our logo, click here.

Courses & Trainings

Our courses are presented through group classes, private lessons, and compressed group seminar based training programs that are easily understood and immediately applicable.

We offer courses covering both physical and non-physical aspects of personal defense and safety.

Cognitive Enhancement

We also incorporate principles of cognitive enhancement into our courses to develop strategies to handle and overcome stressful situations and anxiety found in confrontations and everyday life.


CEO | Founder
Senior Instructor

Eric, aka “Mac”, retired from U.S. Army Special Operations Forces, serving with various Special Operation Forces, Special Mission Units, and U.S. Government Agencies. His experience covered a world-wide deployment focus serving missions of both tactical and strategic emphasis across various terrains to include permissive, semi-permissive, and hostile countries. He served at various levels of responsibility ranging from Solo Operator, Team Leader, Country Liaison Officer, and Paramilitary Officer. Eric has eight combat deployments, each of which he had to utilize his skills to eliminate active threats at range and up close.

Military Experience & Specialties

Eric's military experience includes specialties of intelligence collection, operator, weapons expert, counterterrorism, asymmetrical warfare, combatives, medical, pandemic and emergency preparedness and response, wilderness survival, high speed evasion and capture, personal protection, and a plethora of leadership, combat specific and instructor courses. 



CEO | Founder
Senior Instructor

Martial Arts Experience

Eric has over 30 years of experience as a martial arts instructor covering disciplines of Filipino Martial Arts (Modern Arnis and Pekiti Tirsia Kali), Ju Jutsu, Wu Ying Tao, Kajukenbo, and Military Combatives.

Additionally, Eric has extensively trained in the systems of Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Kendo, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Western Boxing, and Muay Thai.

Eric spent 11 years working and traveling throughout the Asia Pacific region and taking advantage of martial art training opportunities wherever he could.

He now brings that experience to Arizona through the 7-5-3 Academy. 



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