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Logo Symbology

The logo of 7-5-3 Academy is based on the Vitruvian Man illustration by Leonardo de Vinci and the relationship of the human body to its surroundings. 

The World

The world image is representative of our global network and training capabilities. Additionally, how we are all connected and how our actions impact others.

The Grey Person

The grey image of the person in the center is representative of our endeavor to remain in the background of the environment, not to stand out in public, and to blend in with everyone around us. This is to reduce our presence and not have a spotlight as a potential target for criminals. We are always vigilant, aware, and prepared. 

The Golden Square and Circle

The golden square and circle is representative of our personal space and the proportional relationship of ourselves to our environment and others around us.

Red, Bisecting Lines

The red, bisecting lines through the circle and square are representative of the self-defense angles of movement we practice.

The Symbol

The symbol on the chest of the person in the image is the symbol “Ka”. It is the letter "ka" written in the Baybayin alphabet, an ancient pre-colonial Philippine alphabet.


It is a Brahmic script, derived from ancient Indian writing. Baybay literally means "to spell" in Tagalog.


"Ka" is the first syllable in the word Kali, the blade fighting science indigenous to the Philippines. It also alludes to the influence of Indian culture on the Filipino language and fighting styles. "Ka" is also used as a term of respect spoken before an individual’s surname.

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