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This is the training knife used in our Pekiti Tirsia Kali (PTK) program. This is a one-piece, black rubber knife with a bendable blade to prevent injury during training. 11.5 inches long. 


Sold individually. If you want a pair, order two.


NOTE:  Item is not normally carried in stock. Available for order if listed as out of stock; wait times may vary from several days to weeks. Shipping and handling charges may apply and will be charged with additional invoice at time of pickup if not in stock. Once delivered at 7-5-3 Academy, you will be contacted for pickup in person.

PTK - Training Knife

SKU: 10020
Excluding Sales Tax
This item is not normally carried in stock and custom ordered for pickup at 7-5-3 Academy. Order and delivery times may vary up to 10 business days. Contact us for ordering information. Shipping and handling is separate charge if applicable.
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