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  • Professionally deodorizes and sanitizes boxing gloves between uses
  • Absorbs moisture and perspiration to help keep gloves dry
  • Extra-long 10” length extends deep into gloves
  • Durable nylon attachment strap


Keep your gloves dry and deodorized between uses now with our most popular Dry Devils back and better than ever! Insert the TITLE Boxing Glove Dry Devil 2.0 into your gloves after each use to help absorb moisture and sweat. The soft, deep pile cotton flannel shells are filled with shaved, long lasting cedar chips to eliminate foul odors, leaving a fresh cedar aroma in its place. The Dry Devil 2.0 is 10” long to reach deep into your glove. Gloves not included.


California Prop 65 Warning

TITLE Boxing Glove Dry Devil 2.0

Excluding Sales Tax
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