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Self-Defense Can Be Quickly Learned and Applied

Learning self-defense does not have to take years of practice and study. Our compressed self-defense seminars, presented in a group atmosphere, are designed to provide information that can be used immediately. Our proven formula for quickly learning and applying self-defense principles makes it easy to use all most anything as a defensive tool to protect yourself and those around you.

REGISTER FOR PRIORITY ACCESS TO THE SEMINAR. We schedule our seminars only a few times a year in order to provide the personal attention each client deserves both during and after the seminar (Priority Access members receive one 45 minute personal training session after the seminar, to be scheduled separately).

Once we release the scheduled date, priority access members will be able to access FREE intro videos of the course material, and gain 24-hour priority access before notification to the general public to register.

We sell out fast! Get on our Priority Access list before the general public.


We can also provide private training for groups of 10 or more (contact us for more information).

All events are filmed. One non-participating spectator allowed for minors registered in seminars. All spectators are charged half of seminar price, subject to discretion of 753 Academy if offered; contact us for more information.


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Women's Self Defense
This seminar is for women only. The Seminar will cover fundamental principles to include:

  • What to do on while standing up or on the ground against an attacker

  • Escapes through Counter Attacks and Defense
    Plus so much more.

  • Situational Awareness

  • And so much more !


Attack Survival   Fundamentals

Hand-to-Hand Fundamentals seminar covers topics of: situational awareness, positioning, footwork, strikes, control locks, takedowns, and more. Other topics include grab and choke escapes, expedient weapons, and realistic scenario training.

Date: JUNE 29 
Time: 9 a.m. - Noon
Ages: 12+ 

COST: $225 (Members Save $$$)
Limited to 10 People

Registration Closes In:


Baton Fundamentals

The Seminar will be covering fundamental principles of using an collapsible baton to include defensive and counteroffensive principles. We will be focusing on index points, limb control techniques, flow locks, takedowns, distance creating, escalation of force, all with the emphasis on incapacitating an attacker.


Baton Advanced

Building off of the Fundamentals of Expandable Baton seminar, the Advanced Expandable Baton seminar covers Control Holds and Takedowns, Distance Creating Techniques, and Escalation of Force.

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Edge Weapon Countermeasures

Edged weapons assaults are a constant threat for law enforcement and civilians. Knife attacks are common and statistically more lethal than firearms. This course offers pragmatic, real-world, self-defense solutions for knife attacks. This seminar  builds on critical combat attributes and foundations before transitioning into progressive drills and pressure testing (dynamic scenario driven) guidelines.

JULY 20  9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
COST: $225
Limited to 10 People

Registration Closes In:


Every Day Carry (EDC) Knife Combatives

This seminar covers various elements of using a knife as a tool of defense with focus on primary grip styles, positioning, ranges, attribute skills to develop speed, timing, power, accuracy and precision, and universal fighting and defense strategies.

Attend a self-defense seminar today and jump start your training.

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