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7-5-3 Academy After School Program, Group of school kids running as they leave the school building

Let Us Instill the Virtues to Enable Them to Be Successful 

An after school martial arts program that is presented in a fun and social environment. 

Are you looking for a solution to keep kids active, engaged and social, in a safe and inclusive setting, while learning vital life skills?

We have a solution through our martial art programs and training in the 7-5-3  Code.

Do you want your kids be in a safe place while learning critical life skills?

A Workout and the Development of Life Skills

One of the biggest challenges in a busy family life, is finding ways to keep kids active instead of sitting in front of the television, video game console, or on social media.
Our after school martial arts program keeps kids engaged socially, physically, and mentally.

We have seen the damage lack of social activities has on kids.

Developing an maintaining respectful social and communication skills is essential in daily life 

Kids with no social skills sitting on sofa, ignoring each other, playing on Mobile Devices photo

Do you want your kids the to be more active and social with others?

Unsafe, Sad Girl, sitting on bench alone after school

Wondering What Your Kids Are Doing or Where They Are When You're Not Home?

Our after school martial arts program provides a safe environment for kids to stay active, learn self-reliance and resiliency, be social, and life long virtues for success.

Training in martial arts instills the virtues for kids to be successful though perseverance to overcome challenges, dedication to achieve goals, and respect for themselves, others, and hard work.

Do you want your kids feel included as part of a team that encourages them to succeed?

Little children in karategi on white background.jpg

They will Make New Friends, Learn New Skills, and Develop Character

Everyone struggles meeting new people and making friends. Kids have a hard time finding social activities to make friends with common interests.

Our after school martial arts program provides kids the opportunity to be social and make new friends with common interests.

In the after school martial arts program kids learn the 7-5-3 Code, develop a positive character,  become more resilient, and cultivate positive behaviors to handle stress.

Boys and girls, ages 5 and up, in Karate Gi Uniform, participating in 7-5-3 Academy Mini Dragons Karate Class, A fun, supportive, and educational activity that will pave the path to confidence and bully prevention.

Do you want your kids to learn positive behaviors and self-control?

Boys and girls, ages 7 to 12, in Karate Gi Uniform, participating in 7-5-3 Academy Youth Karate Class, showing support, teamwork, confidence, and giving the thumbs up approval of the class.

Where Being Safe is Also Fun

Do you drop your kids off at home after picking them up from school, then return to work and worry if they are safe?

Instead, have them attend our After School Martial Arts program with other kids their age.


They will make new friends, stay active and engaged in a fun, supportive, and safe environment.

You can relax knowing they are safe at our Academy.

Do you want a safe, fun, and supportive environment for your kids?

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