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Reviews and Testimonials


Discover the amazing stories that reside within our community! Hear from other members and clients that have utilized our services and programs.

Please share your review or testimonial of how 7-5-3 ACADEMY has impacted  your health, fitness, and self-defense journey.


Kate S.


Great atmosphere! Great workout! Highly recommend the place!


7-5-3 Academy Member

After the pandemic and other life circumstances I needed to get myself back to my optimal fitness level. 7-5-3 Academy helped me achieve this in only 6 weeks. Their coaching, enthusiasm, and weekly changing routines made this goal easier and more fun than any other form of exercise. There is also strong member support and team motivation amongst fellow members. I highly recommend this program to anyone of any age and any fitness level.

Michelle R.

Kickboxing class member

I love that I have found 7-5-3 academy! I joined the 6 week program and loved the workouts so much that I signed up for a full year. My goal when I joined was to improve my health as I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Coach Eric has been so helpful and patient. Not only did I lose 8% body fat in 13 weeks but I gained confidence in myself that I could do more activities without hurting myself, like skiing this past winter. I would recommend the kick boxing classes to anyone!

Terri H.

EDI Analyst

I began at 7-5-3 in March of 2023. My motivation was to get stronger. This has happened. I have become stronger. My muscle mass has increase more than when I had attended a regular gym. When I started, I couldn't even do a sit up, and now I knock them out. As a 57-year-old woman who has had 5 children and struggles with metabolic challenges this is the most positive workout environment I have ever participated in. Because this is a specialty training program, there have been times when I have been the only one in class. Eric & David make the most of this opportunity to focus on technique. When in class with a group, they are attentive to make sure proper training techniques are followed. The one-hour Kickboxing workout flies by. My original goal was to attend for 13 weeks, then 6 months. However, because I love it so much and how it makes me feel I joined for a year!

Mark J.


I am so pleased to have my daughter attend 7-5-3 Academy. Eric has taught her so much more than karate. She has learned to concentrate under pressure and teamwork all while learning to defend herself. In the process, she is having a great time with her friends.

7-5-3 is not your ordinary karate studio. I highly recommend it for all of the great experiences it has afforded my daughter. In fact, my son now takes lessons there!!!


6-Week Program Finisher

Awesome program that's easy to follow with great results. Coaches are passionate and dedicated to ensure you succeed. Try it out now, you won't regret it.

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