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The SaberMasters™ LightSaber is unlike any other on the market and we don’t need any Jedi mind tricks to convince you. You haven’t chosen your side? No problem.Don't get tied to just one color and be Forced to pay more if you turn to the Dark Side and pull an Anakin.With infinite blade color options and 9 different sound options to choose from, this is the ultimate saber you need to stand out at any cosplay event!


All the premium features for half the cost. There's never been a better way to fulfil your child dream of owning a real lightsaber. No more cheap plastic that feels like a toy. You get the authentic, real experience wielding our lightsabers. They can withstand even the longest, most intense duels!


Want to dual-wield lightsabers? No problem!

Ever envied Darth Maul’s saberstaff? Now you can get double-bladed fun at a fraction of the cost. Add 2 Ultimate Sabers to cart and enjoy double-bladed battles today. To create a saberstaff, you'd need the Ultimate Saber Connector. For a limited time, each order with 2 or more sabers comes with a FREE connector. Take advantage of this offer and get yourself 2 Ultimate Sabers now.



- Infinite color options

- Wide variety of sound fonts

- Connect two and create a saberstaff

- First class live chat and email support from manufacturer

- Express Shipping from the US

- 12-month warranty included from manufacturer



NOTE - These items are not carried in stock at 7-5-3 Academy. These are special order items. Please allow up to 14-days for delivery at 7-5-3 Academy for pickup. Due to shipping delays, wait times may vary from several days to weeks. Shipping and handling charges may apply and will be charged with additional invoice at time of pickup if not in stock. Once delivered at 7-5-3 Academy, you will be contacted for pickup in person. Contact us prior to ordering to ensure size and color is available.



SaberMasters™ LightSaber

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