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Mini Dragons - Ages 4 - 6

Ages 4 to 6

Class Description

Martial arts is more than self-defense and fitness. Kids have fun, while learning discipline, respect, focus, self-control, and resiliency. The martial arts helps kids develop hand-eye coordination, healthy strategies to deal with stress and frustration. Martial arts also instills good sportsmanship, which does more than just showing youth how to behave politely during and after a game. Sportsmanship impacts how youth interact on and off the field. Good sportsmanship builds teamwork, character, and teaches respect, honor, discipline, kindness, inclusion, resilience, perseverance, and more.

Upcoming Classes

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made 30 minutes prior to start time. No Shows will incur a no show fee of $45 at the discretion of 7-5-3 Academy. All cancellations refunds, and credits are subject to our Terms and Conditions Policy. Please reference our Policy's below.

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